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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm pam cook. it's wednesday, may ten. >> i'm dave clark. let's get to mike -- are you prepared? >> as much as i can. >> the high in phoenix yesterday was 76. >> that's a nice temperature. >> beautiful for phoenix. are you kidding me? how far below average is that? should be 93. today will be 79. if you're traveling down to the desert, it's okay. if you like cool, i don't favor one orr another. call it as a see it. cool for everyone. 40s. 60s and 70s for the high. dropping 15 to 20 degrees for some. yesterday was off shore push and today, on shore push. screaming through.
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and to the -- sal, are you listening? >> i am listening. >> did you see the tweet about the man coming back, had to slow down to 50 it was so windy. >> i did. and -- the west wind, it's coming from the ocean. >> that's right. the direction it's coming from. thank you. going over the bridge, hold on, there are some very high gusts and the altamont pass, 35-40. 50s in the water temps. very cool. and continuing to cool down. 50s on the coast and there will be some that won't break intak back. 50s and 60s for us. the fog comes back and another area of low pressure settles in. on the super commutes, might be a little surprised.
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>> i'm glad you mentioned that. there is slow traffic out there. and truck traffic on 580 and 205 and the altamont pass and it is going to be a tough commute, especially on 205 this morning. already slow on 205 before 280 and the traffic is going to with a little slow. mountain house parkway is where it begins to slow and slowing through the altamont pass and it is windy as steve mentioned. not bad through an ramon and dublin. the early commuters are getting a decent community xhoout even with the wind. north and somebody, not a bad -- and southbound, not a bad drive. this is when it starts changing in the morning. back to the desk. the shock waves are still
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rumbling through washington, d.c. after president donald trump abruptly fired fbi director james comey. >> and now democrats are calling for an independent investigation for the ties between the trump campaign and russia. and now alley is following this developing story. >> now the fbi is being run by fbi director james comey's deputy. and -- follow -- criticized the handling of the hillary clinton investigation. accepted the recommendation and hereby terminated and removed from office effective immediately. as head of the fbi, comey had been investigating the ties to the russians and the trump campaign. and now democrats and some republicans are saying there
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should be an inspect investigation. >> are they going to be suspicious, could be some faith with the independent prosecutor that we can get to the bottom of this. >> seen as a lightning rod, independent but controversial and correcting the testimony last week in which comey vastly overstated the number of e- mails that an aid mishandled. and on social media, james comey -- arizona senator saying he was spending hours for finding a rationale for the handling. -- going to move on to that. not going to wait any locker to have the special prosecutor toover see the -- to oversee the investigation.
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a lot on social media and talking about this. the president is defending the rebukes from his critics and the democrats have said some of the worst things about james comey, saying he should be fired and now, they are so sad. the tweet, losing the confidence of everyone in washington, democrat and republican alike. when things calm down, they will be thanking me and we'll have to see who will ultimately replace james comey and who is replacing, will they be seen as independent and credible and russians, a lot of questions here. >> and could the president do that? in the termed situation, just be fired like that so quickly? >> fbi director is an appointed position, same with the director of the ci aishgs.
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all within the umbrella of the president's cabinet. and with that news also one of the big topics last night with jared huffman. the meeting has had been scheduled before the firing. people there wanted to hear what their congressman had to say about it. huffman is joining the call for a special predator prr to take over the investigation for any possible ties between the tufrp presidential campaign and russia and a lot of applause from the almost-all democrat audience. >> i think that's good, but at the minimum, this has slowed down that investigation, this very political act. >> the original theme for the meeting was holding the president accountable and the congressman was joined by three attorneys, one of whom was part of the successful challenge for
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the executive order of president donald trump to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities. in sl --. >> the penalty phase will begin after the conviction of the killing of the morgan hill teenager many convicted on all counts, including first-degree murder and guilty of attacking three other women in 2009. sierra lamar's parents say that verdict brings some relief after she disappeared five years ago. >> grateful and blessed that the jury came up with the verdict that they did and it is going to be safer world because of them. >> and sierra lamar vanished on her way to school on in march of 2012 and prosecutors said her dna was found on a rope in his car and her dna was found on his clothed found abandoned. sierra lamar's body has not
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been found. >> there will always be grief. just grief like this will never go away. just knowing that, you know, there can't be closure. not until we would find sierra. >> -- e he showed no reaction when the verdict was read family and lawyer did not talk to reporters. and now, the sentence of death sentence or life in prison without patrol. after she disappeared, the director at the school remembers comforting the friends when she disappeared in 2012. >> today in class, probably had eight cheerleaders and said, is it doin doen? it's done.
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and they were in fifth and sixth great wenter, sighed because it was a legacy. >> and a bench dedicated to sierra's memory. investigation goes on today after the body of a missing college student was found over the weekend in a river in suter county. on sunday, the body of a woman was found and identifies as 25 as heather yeoman -- alley yeoman. family and friends are devastated, found on march 30th. >> it was devastating and heartbreaking because you grow up with that person and share memories and love that person as a part of your own family and my family loved her every time she came over. >> so far, not saying if she
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was a victim of foul play. anyone who has ever been stuck in strafk on 37 or taking the detour when it was flooded is invited to a meeting. going to discuss the problems on the high way. on first street and the focus will be on what to be done about traffic and flooding. the mystery solved, the body of a girl found in a casket under a home in san francisco has been identified. the technology used to identify her more than 140 years after she died. the president donald trump ban on lashths from certain countries is expanded. the countries that could be added to the list, coming up next. >> the toll plaza is starting
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:14. the aclu is warning you if you're traveling to texas. a sign placed by the governor in texas, to allow police officers on a routine stop to ask if they're in the country legally or not. we hear that the aclu is concerned about civil rights violations against law-abiding citizens. >> tex is now a show me your papers state, subject to profiling, the law gives the green light to law enforcement to question anyone about how they look or how hay sound about the immigration status even if they have no probable cause. >> and threatened with jail if
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they don't cooperate. that goes into effect in september. there is a sign that relations between the united states and russia may be improving after the are president said they were at an all time low. going to have a meeting in the next couple of hours. the highest level face to face meeting with any russian right foot representative since donald trump moved into the white house. going to talk about stabilizing syria after years of civil war. telling airlines, be prepared for an expanded ban on let the record also reflect. ten countries from the middle east and africa are not allowed to take laptops and tablets on the plane. lost the lawsuit because -- the bombs could be in small
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electric electronics and could be expanded to some european countries. >> it's ridiculous. so many ways. >> i think it's rubbish. i don't understand why. >> i think it's a good idea in a bad situation. if someone decides to put bombs in it, cannot let it happen. >> new policy may be announced this month before the beginning of the summer travel rush. >> how are things going, sal? >> for the most part, things are gooking good. gill roy commute, on northbound 101 to morgan hill, the good news is we don't have any crashes on that stretch. a decent commute getting to the south bay and those fray wiis are looking good -- freeways,
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looking good. the traffic is moving along all right with no major issues. also, the bay bridge traffic looks good. car fire, eastbound 80 ksh the last off ramp in san francisco. just reported five minutes ago, the fire department is on the way and we can see if we can wake kevin up, i know kevin sleeps in the back. push the bufferin. see what i -- push the button. >> i -- shopping. >> online. going to get back to you. we have a big change today. the wind is already howling for some. be careful. there you go. the full moon. the full moon. i was waiting for our wolf sound. there it is.
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>> (rooster). >> no wolf? full at 2 2ing 2:42. . >> (meow). >> yes, i know you're hungry. -- always gets me as a cat person. gusts up to 30 plus. almost 40 miles per hour. the wind gusts at 20 to 25, west-southwest, a strong delta breeze. yesterday's off shore is replaced by an onshore. and things are bouncing around big time. cool irpattern.
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50s to 60s, upper 60s and maybe 70s and 80s. all it takes is a weak system coming in or reversal of the the wind and that's what is happening. 40s 40s for others. 48 -- 30s in the mountains. 50s for many and the fog and low clouds flying up the coast. connecting with the offshore fog bank. impressive. phoenix, 76 degrees, which is 17 degrees below average. only 79 today. that's a slow mover. but it is getting bumped along. we have a little bit of a kicker and that system is going to be here. spokes in a wheel. reinforcement of it. trend starting. 50s and 60s and maybe low 70s here. keep it there. i think the weekend will be okay and it's going to be
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breezy to windy at times. possible of rain monday and tuesday. 14 people killed in mexico, including 11 children after a fireworks sploigs explosion. a stray fire landed on a pile of fireworks stored in a home yesterday. look at the person. along with the 14 killed, 30 more hurt. they were supposed to be used in a religious ceremony next week. police are investigating, but saying it's just a tragic accident. a fire seen in from space, the smoke from the florida- georgia line going out over the ocean. now almost 150,000 acres. so far, it's only 12%
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contained. the beach on ireland's biggest island is making a come back after vanishing 30 years ago after storms came through in 1984. bare rock is all that was left. but now, dropping tons of sand back to the rocky coastline, creating a new sandy beach. 5:. more trouble on a plane. the fight that broke out after the stopped flight to langs earlier this week. >> a plan to raise water bills for more than a million bay area customers, moving to boost water rates by almost 20%.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5:24. two leaders are pushing for a city wide ban on flavored tobacco product miss saying they're aimed at young people since they're packaged like can ki di or gum. several counties already have similar measures. san francisco is also considering a similar measure. an effort to end the fight on how many out of state students it admits, the university of california is looking to limit out of state
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and international undergrads. uc would restrict a number of nonresident students to 18%, five of its nine campuses. berkeley, ucla, san diego and irvine, a portion of nonresident students exceed 18%, keep but not increase those higher percentages. the previous plan called for a 20% system wide cap on nonresident students. a new warning about the oroville dam, saying it's not reliable or flexible enough to provide protection. mayors, county leaders and other lawmakers wrote a letter to the governor saying they're not confidence the dam could brekt the downstream communities. and also seeing those who live down the hill have little to say about the operation and
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maintenance of the dam. the mayor has not responded to the letter yesterday. thousands vaeked in february when the dam failed. now taking out a half billion dollar line of credit to repair the dam. jerry hill plans to introduce a new bill to crack don oun the misuse of disabled parking placards. requiring drivers to provide name and date of birth when applying for the placard and reapplying every four years and the quarterly application and cancel the placards of people who dies. senator hill's measure comes a month after a state audit found that 15% of disabled placards that were checked in a sting operation are used illegally and approximate 35,000 plan mrak ards are registered to people who have died.
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time is 5:26. fixing roads and saving money. using old tires to help smooth out bumpy road ways. a fire in pleasant hill at a goodwill store after it went up in flames. the bottom of the fourth street exit in san francisco has an accident. moves off the way, not a big deal, no one hurt, did cause a little bit of slow traffic temporarily. we'll tell you more about the morning commute when we come back. if you like warm, yesterday was the day. but cooler temperatures? it begins. the big time fog bank is back.
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. this is ktvu mornings on 2. this is for pam. just pam. the snow melting adding to the water falls. been dry fg decades, now falling. the russian water falls will probably last ago about a month. that was for you, ma'am. >> thank you. springtime in yosemite is always amazing. this spring, we all knew would
5:31 am
be particularly spectacular. all of the rain we have had. my gosh. we say welcome back. mornings on 2. wednesday may ten. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. you have to book six months out to get a spot. >> some doing high elevation camping. some not available. >> because of the snow. >> yeah. tioga pass isn't hoping until august or something. >> check ahead. >> yeah. we're going camping. really? you might want to check to make sure. yesterday was a sunny and warm day. that sun has kicked in. san antonio and houston go seven games. why not? the warriors get their rest. the clouds and fog back, cool, cool pattern here for a while.
5:32 am
significantly cooler. liver more from 87 yesterday to 68 today. 85 in redwood city yesterday. 68 today. i have seen this pattern before in santa rosa. one in santa rosa, at. 59. i wouldn't go that low. not the breeze. the wind is roaring at 40-year travis. the water temps, been talking about this all week long. very -- this is what's happening. windy for some, not so bad for others. altamont pass is about 35 miles per hour as well. strong low in the four corners and being kicked out by this system for may. and that is going to give us a cool pattern for a while. 50s and 60s or low 70s. 5:32, sal, this is when things
5:33 am
pick up, are you seeing that or not? >> on the commute here, people out there are are the traffic is going be busy and already see some busy traffic on valeo. going to be talk aing about -- you can see traffic accident is slow on the bay bridge approach, just as steve mentioned, 5:33 here, turning the metering lights on, that means the drive is getting busy, ten minutes to get to the bridge. san jose, 230 on the right, downtown san jose and traffic is light. at 5:33, let's go back to the desk. >> thanks, sal. east bay customers could see the water rates jump. nearly 20% over the next two
5:34 am
years. we hear now how conservation efforts could be contributing to paying higher rates. . >>reporter: that's right. so people in alameda and contra costa counties may see it. the average consumer dropped about 50 gallons of average water use each month and that also means a drop in revenues as well. the east bay municipal utility district said in the meeting yesterday that the new pipelines, that it needs new poplines and upgrades to treatment plants needs to happen and for that, there needs to be a two part increase. an inkres of 9.25% starting july july 1st and another 9% increase in 2018. that amounts of to an 18%
5:35 am
increase in rates for customers in alameda and contra costa counties. for those -- 200 gallons of water each month. if you calculate the bill, says that your bill will increase -- if you're typically spending about $47 a month, likely going to go up to $51.49. >> all right. thank you, lee. time is 5:35. there are several ways for the police to figure out if a driver has had too much to drink. but spotting a driver driving under the influence of drugs, that's not so easy. there's new technology aimed at getting drugged drivers off the road. election savage with more on how this issue is being tackled.
5:36 am
>> good morning to you. uncharted waters for police, scrambling to keep up after voters in san francisco is approving the recreational use of marijuana just last year. the officers patrolling roadways roadways, spoeting people driving while high. some agencies are relying on portable saliva video screenings that can find six different drugs. and the chp and the sacramento police department will be demonstrating how those saliva tests work. the trouble is, there's no presumed level of intoxication, unlike the .08% for alcohol that we have in california. san mateo representative jerry hill is trying to crack down on that with the bills moving through the capitol. >> i know how it effects people
5:37 am
and their families and we need to change that. . >>reporter: one of jer jerry hill's bill -- jerry hill's bills would make it illegal to smoke marijuana in a car and alcohol possession with the drugs in their system. this is gaining acceptance from police departments in california after the judge accepted the results of the test last year and advocating for -- not on the tests themselves or the technology, but making sure that officers are best trained to spot the signs of impairment. a really big debate going on and a couple of pieces of legislation heading their way to tackle this issue in california. >> alex savage in ber lee. thank you. a fire starting in -- in
5:38 am
contra costa boulevard and spread inside. no report on any injuries and at this point, it's unclear if that fire was intentionally hit. a boy hit and killed in a parking lot of a mobile park. in sherwood drive at 6:30 yesterday evening and say a four-year-old boy was riding scooters in the parking lot of the complex with his 6-year-old sibling. and a woman said at 6-year-old rolled in front of the car, she slowed down, but didn't see the 4-year-old, remained on the scene and did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. accused of crimes. a picture of the doctor, an office at the health care system on tree boulevard near walnut creek.
5:39 am
the contra kos ta costa boulevard -- >> may be some additional victims out there. so if anybody has seen him where they might have felt awkward or uncomfortable or hesitant to come forward, we would like them to give us a call. >> removing all references to him online and saying he is on leave and released a statement saying, the care and safety of our patients is always our highest priority and we are cooperating fully with the contra costa sheriff's department in the ongoing investigation. identifying the girl who was found last year buried in a casket last year in san francisco. the non-profit, garden of innocents said she was born in the 19th century and -- the
5:40 am
literal girl was edith cook, died on october 30, 1876, at the age of two. the research group said it's important to tackle mysterious cases such as this one. >> from a genealogy standpoint, i need to know that, birth place, all that. shefld england? cool. i know where you're from. >> found in loan mountain area in a remodeling project last year. we have coverage of this story on our website, you can learn more about her family tree, there's also an interactive map showing where this small casket was found and you can learn more about her life and death on
5:41 am
two cities will receive is staid state funding for much- needed road repairs. awarded 4 hundred thousand $400,000 in repairs using rubber from recycled tires. going to 24 california communities. rubberized as facility uses about 2,000 recycled tires per mile of roadway. the 911 dispatch center will meet national standards. understaffed that day and many calls did not get answered quickly. the national start is to have every 911 call answered within ten seconds. couldn't say how many they would need to meet that standard, but 75% of calls to san francisco 911 was answered
5:42 am
in ten seconds or less. said there's still staffing problems because of the turn over and a higher volume of calls than expected. take a look at this. in los angeles county, a big bear known for walking into people's yards will think twice about entering into one home. from the helicopter, you can see, the bear strolling in, confronted by the family dog. chasing and -- no. you're not coming into my yard. >> the neighbor's home there, the sheriff's deputies moved it on, eventually to the trash can. the bear comes around, scrounging for trash and whatever. look at that. i thought the bear would have
5:43 am
eaten the dog. >> perhaps. the dog is a hero. >> cruising around. didn't want any trouble. fda approval should mean your medicine is safe, but many of those drugs have a problem one way or another. coming up, new concerns about that seal of approval. >> on the southwest airlines, the flight from dallas, a message from a passenger saying the crew did the right thing. >> sluggish in spots and the commute is slower as it's getting more crowded. this is nb 101 on the 80 split. you can see it's moving along nicely. >> that happened fast. yesterday's warms were replaced by a huge fog bank and the temperatures are plunging. we'll take a look, coming up.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. we have some footage of a southwest airlines flight that was headed here to oakland. . this happened sunday. passengers on a layover in burbank. a flight attendant rushed up, trying to stop it, instead, she was knocked to the ground and on the bottom of the the pile of people. the man in the white shirt, who you saw throwing the punches was originally the victim in the fight. passengers ran up from the back of the plane and broke it up. >> told the fight attendant, call the pilot, there's a
5:47 am
fight. people with the phones and cameras, shut off the phone, get out the way. and when i finally reached them, separated the two men. >> that man there said no one helped until he jumped in and praised southwest airlines for what they did. the man -- still? jail this morning. the flight eventually took off from burbank, landed in oakland without any more problems. >> 5:47 is the time. hopefully no big problems for anybody on the roads. >> it's scary. just want the get there, keep your head down. >> go to sleep. >> yeah. more incidents on planes late ly. >> right. and with kfrns.
5:48 am
everything is -- cell phones, everything is captures. >> good point. 580 coming through, it's slow and steve and i have been talking about how windy it is. and yesterday, didn't have a good commute here. slow traffic driving through the area. slowing down to 25 mrps. not much better as you drive towards the altamont pass and again, the wind is going to be gusty in that area. livermore to bub lin is thicker. oakland, 88, looks good as you drive past the coliseum. and a 50-minute wait on the toll plaza as you transition. steve, the miks of sun and clouds here right now at the toll plaza.
5:49 am
>> big fog bank there, steve. cooler wednesday and cooler pattern. and also full moon wednesday. there it is. >> (wolf). >> i'll say it again. where wolf? there wolf. 5:42 eastern for the full. >> so what do we call the april full moon? pink. not because of the color, but the flowers. and the temps, i think doug has a lot of actual time. -- lot of full time. >> i'll make this graphic here in photoshop. the temperatures on the way down. 80 in santa rosa. 64 today.
5:50 am
85 in redwood stin city, 68. 87 in liver more and 68. 83 in san jose. down to 70. that's the big change. because of the flow. that's a screaming delta breeze. 35 to 40 at travis as well. i have been talking about this all week long. so cold, the fog to get going was a little push and it's getting it from an incoming system. cooler here. 49, las al tos. tos. watch how the clouds rocky mountain roaring up. many -- come roaring up. perspective lows rotating -- impressive lows. 56 in phoenix.
5:51 am
17 below average for this time of year. the low is moving, getting kicked along, toppled by this incoming system. pretty strong for may. this is going to settle in for about a week and a reinforcement here and tuesday is the next opportunity for rain. it's a long way out of. 40s and 50s, some 60s and 70s and cooling off tomorrow and holding steady as we head into the weekend. maybe a little bit more sun. sunny and windy and breezy at times. >> depending on where you are. >> that's right. >> thanks, steve. the oakland zoo will debut three new additions. >> north american river ot ters. splashing around. one, two, three. just like to play. one male and two females. thepups are still nursing and also starting to eat fish and
5:52 am
meat. swimming is an acquired skill. not on display until they're bigger and better swimmers. the zoo is going to show off these pups at 10:00 a.m.. and no, pam, you cannot have one. >> darn it. they are very cute. good spot. have some little kids, can hang out at the zoo today. >> great plan. >> watch them play. 5:52. one day at a time, discipline and job skills to help people get back on their feet.
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5:55 am
. welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:55. after three straight walkoff wins, the a's lost. kevin durant was there. game three of that series is today at 12:35. the giants lost again. 6-1 to the new york mets last night. the game was actually over in the first.
5:56 am
left fielders misplayed a single. turned into a triple. the giants only had two hits off of sac kwheeler. the worst record in baseball. also pay placed the high price free agent on the disabled lest. make ago difference theory here in the bay area. the group, back on my feet had a fundraiser to celebrate the launch of its san francisco chapter. they take a different approach to getting people off the street. requiring to run three times a week at five in the morning. in exchange, getting them some job train and housing resources. nice program.
5:57 am
president donald trump was up early this morning and what he was doing, tweeting about fired fbi director james comey. and what is next. >> a fire are under investigation today in the east bay. what firefighters have to say about it. it is getting more crowded for you this morning. the traffic in the mesa is not looking too bad coming around the corner to the toll plaza. cool coming back in a big way and it is going to be a cooler pattern and we'll talk about how much cooler, coming up.
5:58 am
you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ]
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[ seagulls squawking ] . good morning. breaking overnight, a fire at an east bay goodwill store. we'll tell you what investigators are saying and what firefighters found inside. >> an abrupt and unexpected move, president donald trump fired fbi director james comey. what's next after that and what the president had to say to defend his actions earlier this month. the drought is over, but water could get more expensive because of it.
6:00 am
the reason the hike is now on the table. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. if you're just joining us, it's windy. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson, right over there. >> can handle it right over there. windy for some, not bad for others. low temperatures and fog, the clouds are taking a drop and continue this afternoon. not so much this morning, but later this afternoon. ten to 20-degree drop. the differences yesterday to today. and looks like additional cooling will take place and yesterday, we had the offshore breeze and temperatures warm up, changing overnight, you can sfeel fooel it.


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